Hell’s Best Kept Secret By Ray Comfort

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With Questions and Answers
By Ray Comfort

Hell’s Best Kept Secret, was the second book my Bible Study group and I read together. This was an educational book for me, simply because prior to reading it I didn’t know much about how to evangelize. I felt what Ray Comfort wrote was a necessary message to hear, because Jesus proclaimed in Mark 16:15-16 that we are to talk to others about God and not go along with the worldly attitude some have in that we are “to keep our beliefs to ourselves.” (sadly I’ve heard this talk even from professing Christians.) I enjoyed reading his various anecdotes, his background story, a couple of quotes from historical evangelists like Charles Spurgeon and Charles Finney, listening to the bonus CD, reading the generous amount of supporting scripture, and having the discussions inspired by each chapter we read. The primary focus of the book was that there’s a problem with the way some evangelize in the modern era and the solution Ray calls: “Hell’s Best Kept Secret.”

What Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron, and others feel is “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” is the Law and the punishment of Hell. Uttering the word “Hell”, when not used as a curse word, can be very controversial to many simply, because most people like to think of themselves as good people. “Oh well at least I”m not like the KKK or a Nazi” Yes we are capable of doing good things at times, but are we really a good person and with that ‘goodness’ can we earn a way into Heaven without Jesus Christ? Of course we cannot despite what anyone might think, for it is as Isaiah 64:6 says, but rather we receive salvation through the gift and the grace of Jesus Christ. Of course, this book is not the conventional “Hellfire” preaching one would imagine when looking at this book’s cover. Ray Comfort simply has a problem with those who preach that “it’s only about the love” or “Jesus can make your life better if you give him a try” style approaches. It is both the law and the loving grace that are important truths, for it is as Romans 5:8 says. Though there were a few of his opinions and approaches that I found a bit disagreeable, I learned from it well.

Book rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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