Donkey Kong Country Returns… without K.Rool.

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When I was a kid I loved some of the super nintendo games like Super Mario All Stars, Super Mario World, Tetris, the Donkey Kong Country games, etc; in fact it is one reason why I am husky today. And when I heard there were going to be new games for the wii based off of those older games I’m like “that is so cool!” I mean Super Mario Brothers Wii that game is one of the best games I’ve ever played, it is great with multiplayer, it takes some of the best parts of those older mario games, and yet introduces a few new items/ concepts without compromising the Mario feel of it all. So when I heard there was going to be a new Donkey Kong Country game coming out soon I was excited, and which is why I decided to rent the game on tuesday. I played it and there are certainly some great things about it like using Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong as characters. Some of the new moves like Diddy Kong’s jet pack, the monkey pound or whatever that move is called, and the constant rolling motion one can do when diddy kong’s on top of Donkey Kong. (it sounds very suggestive when you tell a friend to get on top of you lol) Overall, there are some pretty cool things about the game and it is challenging, but here are two things I didn’t like:

1) No Kremlings or K.Rool: Ok I know the main bad guys are these tiki instruments that somehow come to life thanks to a volcano demon and some sort of banana mush and some of those enemies are pretty clever and cool to fight, but one of the things I liked about the original Donkey Kong games was beating up those kremling Crocs. I thought “Well maybe they’ll be a secret bonus boss…” since there are these K spheres you can collect which open the door to the golden temple, but after doing some research on I saw that nope there is no King K Rool, nor Kaptain K Rool (spelled with K in the game not a typo), nor Baron K. Roolenstien, (all three videos are not played by me I’m just showing you their boss fights for memory sake) nor any form of the Kremling leader and his band of evil crocs. I’m not completely dissing the evil tiki demons, but dude it would have been awesome for classic game fans like me to have that secret boss fight you know?

2) Hard multiplayer: Maybe it’s the people I played with, but it is really hard to play this game with another friend without one of us dieing constantly!  I mean it’s a cool idea for one person to be donkey kong and the other diddy, but if one person wants to shoot the barrel cannon while the other thinks they should wait a few seconds so they don’t hit the spinning tiki demon, well that other person’s going to get you both killed lol. Not to mention unlike Super Mario Brothers Wii, you share balloon lives meaning if both of you die it takes two lives to continue… Oh and one other thing… no competitor mode like the original DK country games. Meaning the only multiplayer option available is having one player being Donkey Kong and the other being Diddy Kong. Otherwise no option where I can control both Donkey/Diddy Kong and compete with another player who has the same option. And no option where two more players could be donkey/diddy or hey maybe the third and fourth players could have been dixie and Funky Kong or some combo like that. Speaking of that there’s no Funky Kong! The only other Kongs besides Donkey and Diddy is Cranky Kong and that’s it… Course I mean if there’s no Cranky Kong that would have even more lame, but he doesn’t really talk that much and some of the stuff he said in the original game was pretty funny.

*UPDATED* 3) No water levels and monkeys can’t swim: I guess during the years Donkey and Diddy Kong were at peace from the kremling horde that they suddenly forgot how to swim, because if you land in the water it is automatic death. Also there are no stages in the game where the characters are underwater swimming unlike the other three Donkey Kong Countries.I mean they swam in Smash brothers brawl so why not??? lol. They could have easily put at least one swimming level in each world, even the volcano one too where there could have been a nearby spring or something like that….

Maybe Nintendo will make a sequel with those changes I just referred to… Idk we’ll see. Overall it was still a fun, but very challenging game and not as old school as they made Super Mario Bros wii.


3 thoughts on “Donkey Kong Country Returns… without K.Rool.

    dKqueen said:
    April 7, 2011 at 5:16 PM

    I really enjoyed reading this. I thought I was the only one who had the same feelings towards this game. Although I did enjoy DKC for Wii, I miss the old version better. I was soo trilled when I found out Wii was making DKC… but whats with the music intrument boss? Where are his animal buddies besides the rhino?? If they would have stuck to its original concept OMG I would be playing forever. Til this day I still play the super nintendo one but if I had the chance to play it on Wii with all the advancements we have since then, it would be a game lovers dream come true!

      Ben Umnus responded:
      April 10, 2011 at 11:50 AM

      Lol reading your comment made me smile. Yeah you’re right, they did only have the Rhino as an animal companion come to think of it. That’s too bad they could have at least added the parrot too…

    Sam Gugino said:
    April 10, 2015 at 12:28 AM

    Yea i really wish king k rool would come back i didnt like the tikis at all

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