Saint Nicholas: A VeggieTales DVD review

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Veggie Tales

As odd as this might sound for some, I didn’t grow up watching any of the Veggie Tale movies. The first Veggie Tale movie I remember watching was back when I was almost done with High School. I was at a youth group meeting at church and the Youth Director said “we’re going to watch____. It’s from Veggie Tales.” Everyone was either excited or at least knew of Veggie Tales, but not me lol. When I admitted it was my first time watching,  people were a bit surprised. “You never heard of Veggie Tales? (insert positive or negative remark) ” Yeah so long story short ever since then I’ve enjoyed watching them occasionally especially Larry’s songs; anyway enough about me.

So I saw Saint Nicholas recently and I meant to write this review before 2010 ended, but I was a bit preoccupied. A lot of things are talked about during the Christmas season like Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red nosed reindeer, Tim Allen, bad weather, sledding, being ‘a good person’, presents, decorations, food, family, etc but in all that talk there isn’t a lot of mention of the birthday boy. Put it this way, if you want to watch a film about the cliché Santa Claus with the big red suit who says “Ho! Ho! Ho!” and is adored by companies like Macy’s, Kay Jewelers, and Coca Cola then you might not like this movie because Veggie Tales talks about the real Saint Nick story; one who is more historically accurate.

I respect the boldness Big Idea (creators of Veggie Tales) took by producing this film considering there are many parents out there, some of them Christians, who tell their kids about the fake/commercialized Santa Claus. I loved watching this movie, because it has a lot of good humor in it especially the silly song Donuts for Benny; my sides hurt from laughter when hearing that one. I also loved how Bob the Tomato corrected false assumptions Larry the Cucumber would bring up about Saint Nick and how Bob told the story kids ought to actually be hearing in an informative, creative, and an entertainingly educational way. Personally, whenever God blesses me with the privilege of becoming a father, I don’t feel it would be right to tell my kids about the fake Santa. I would prefer for my kids to know the truth that Saint Nick gave presents to kids during the time of the Roman Empire because of the merit-less gift Jesus gave each of us…

TCP Movie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.


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