It’s a Meaningful Life: A VeggieTales DVD review

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Veggie Tales

Christmas is my favorite Holiday so forgive me for writing another review that probably should have been done earlier in December 2010… let alone one about Veggie Tales so soon, but they make such good movies!  Like my Saint Nicholas review, I found the time to watch this movie just recently. Anyway It’s a Meaningful Life was another Veggie Tale movie I enjoyed. Although I have not seen the original movie this is based on, I don’t believe if I had seen it that it would have made the movie viewing experience less enjoyable.

It’s a Meaningful Life is about a guy named Stewart (probably named in honor of Jimmy Stewart) who was supposed to catch the game winning football, but accidentally tripped over Morty Bumble, who is the one who catches the football instead. Anyway, Stewart has some financial problems keeping his toy train factory afloat and after a visit from his now famous old ‘friend’ he regrets not catching the football and wishes things were different… until a train conductor shows him that God has his reasons for things happening as they do in life and the alternate route to his life is not as pleasant as he imagines…

All in all I loved this movie. I like the movie’s message of being content with what God delivers in our lives; it was great for kids and me too. I also liked Steven Curtis Chapman’s song Meant to Be with music video included in the DVD extra features section. 🙂 I also enjoyed the humor and the realisticness of the financial problems people like you and I have to worry about. Though I am giving this a great review my only complaint is part of the plot kind of reminds me of the Jim Belushi movie Mr Destiny.

TCP Movie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.


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