Time Changer: a DVD review

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A Rich Christiano film

Indeed the times have changed! There are so many things one could name that is radically different today compared to within the last 20 years alone… I mean I remember while growing up the internet was just becoming popular, some would probably call me old just for saying that lol. Well you may have wondered or asked the question “I wonder what someone from a previous time period would think of the modern era?” I’m sure you’ve thought about that, at the very least when talking about politics I mean who hasn’t thought: “What would the founding fathers say?” (if you care about politics that is) Time Changer poses a similar question only this is regarding someone from 1890.

To sum up the plot real simple, seminary professor Dr. Russell Carlisle plans to publish a book and desires an endorsement from the seminary for his manuscript. One of the seminary board members, Dr. Norris Anderson (the bald guy on the cover), does not give his endorsement, because Russell implies it’s ok to promote good morals without the authority of Jesus Christ. In order to receive the seminary’s endorsement it has to be a unanimous vote, therefore to resolve the situation privately Norris invites him to his home and eventually talks Russell into venturing into our time period to see how our world operates. As one could expect while in the future Dr. Carlisle is freaked out by some of the differences with our time like the clothes, the cars, peoples’ manners/attitudes,  the church, entertainment, school/science, etc. All in all, Russell is appalled by much of the things associated with our time period like the divorce rate (here’s a good video regarding divorce by the way) and how some people treat church like a country club, but in Christ’s example and because of his genuine love for people he still tries to help others like Eddie Martinez (played by Paul Rodriguez) and the congregation of that church.

At first I didn’t warm up to Russell, but once he came into the modern era I began to feel for him. I liked several of the things said in the movie like what Michelle the librarian said about movies (her Christian testimony is similar to how I became a Christian), as well as what Dr. Carlisle said about science, I also agreed with Norris’ assessment of morality in that ‘Satan is not against good morals…  he is opposed to Jesus Christ’, I liked the special effects for the time machine, and I also felt the mannerisms of Dr. Carlisle seem realistic towards someone from the late 1800’s.   I did have a few minor complaints though… I felt Time Changers could have done more with the antagonists, I also feel that though I generally agreed with Michelle Bain’s assessment I do feel there are some good movies out there that don’t have the Christian label, and I do agree with Dr. Carlisle in that we are in the times Paul was talking about in 2 Timothy 3:1-5 but the very end of the movie where Norris tries to figure out when the last days happen is a bit conflicting with what Jesus said in Matthew 24: 36-39. (yet I do get the point that they were trying to say it could happen at any moment.)  Overall, this was a very good movie and if you notice you’ll see one of the seminary board members is the ‘jump to conclusions’ guy from Office Space.

TCP Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.


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