Thr3e: a DVD Review

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based on the Ted Dekker novel

I will be the first to admit I have not yet read the book by Ted Dekker, but I heard about this from a church I once attended. This was a very unique movie, I actually have a copy of this in my library. I was intrigued by this, because I have seen a sample of Christian movies, but many I’ve seen do not involve the thriller element and so the concept in itself made me curious.

Thr3e is about a seminary student by the name of Kevin Parsons who after finishing up a school day starts driving home when his phone rings. When he answers the phone an unfamiliar voice threatens him and after getting out of the car in a panic the vehicle explodes. Police tell him that he may have encountered a serial killer known as “the riddle Killer” and he is the only one out of all the others to survive… but why? Why does this unknown man threaten him, keeps demanding for him to “tell the truth”, and how does he know him?

I honestly did not expect for the ending to turn out exactly as it did. It’s a bit scary in how evil can be so unique yet so familiar at the same time. Overall I liked watching this and hopefully those who read this also enjoyed the novel too. It could have been a little less weird though with “Princess”, I get the idea she was a bad Auntie, but yeah weird stuff like that kind of reminds me of some of the mainstream horror films out there and as a personal preference I’m not much of a fan of those. I also think maybe the antagonist said the word “Puke” a little too often, I mean I understand it’s a Christian movie and those kind of movies avoid swear words for good reason of course, but there are other insults that could have been used; unless that was how Dekker originally wrote it then it’s good to be realistic to the book I suppose. I also liked how there is a bible study guide attached to the inside of the movie relating to anger and the flesh.

Movie Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.


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