Letters to God: DVD Review

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It was difficult for me to start this Letters to God review, but the best way for me to describe this movie was that it was a unique, emotional film. Although there are some scenes within this film that are funny, much of the movie is serious and sad; do not watch if you aren’t prepared to see a tear gusher. In some ways I felt the movie wasn’t the most realistic like in the quality of the family’s lawn (I mean who really has grass THAT green? lol) as well as most of the characters being Christians, but it did not spare on realism when concerning the subjects of cancer, alcohol, and simply emotional pain in general. I was surprised to hear Letters to God was based off of a true story; though the alcoholic mailman was fictional unfortunately.

Without spoiling anything, this movie was about an 8 year old named Tyler Doherty who writes/mails physical letters actually addressed: “To God”.  Substitute mailman Brady McDaniels doesn’t have the heart to throw the letters away; partially due to Tyler having cancer. Throughout the movie Brady’s alcoholism, the impact of Tyler’s cancer on him and his family, the importance of prayer, and trusting in God amongst trials/suffering are frequently mentioned and tied within the film’s plot. Although I do believe some mailmen would probably throw the letters away in real life, I thought the concept of writing an actual letter to God was cute. I also felt the overall theme of believing in God even within the difficult times was an important message too. One thing I did not enjoy, however, was how the movie inserted a “you have a God shaped hole in your heart” style theological message, because I do not feel those sort of messages actually bring people to Christ; I base this on personal experience. Although I usually don’t like to watch sadder movies, overall I did enjoy seeing this film.

TCP Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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