Sweetpea Beauty: a VeggieTales DVD review

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Veggie Tales

There are many sources out there, some with a ‘powerful’ sense of authority, which claim to know what beauty is supposed to be. Unfortunately it’s hard not to find these sources nowadays, because whether it is on television, on the radio, within a magazine, or even if it’s somebody sitting next to you… those sources are practically everywhere and more common than ever before! They might seem very confident or they may appear to be very persuasive, but do any of these sources really represent “the true essence of beauty”? Not to God. Sweatpea Beauty is actually two stories which address the thought many have wondered: “What makes someone beautiful?”

The first story is a revised version of the Cinderella fairy tale which is called: “Snooderella”. Like in Cinderella, there is a ball at the castle and she has a stepmother and step sisters who are “more appealing”. The step family gives Snooderella a temporary makeover (which lasts until midnight lol) in order for her to be more “presentable” at the ball. Snooderella feels her regular appearance is not beautiful and the makeover doesn’t satisfy her either, but her perspective changes when she meets the King of the castle (who is an allusion for God). The second story is Sweetpea Beauty which is an arranged mixture of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty; there is also a pun referring to The Princess and the Pea. In this tale, the Queen of the land seeks the assistance of a suspicious talking mirror due to her obsession of looks; kind of like in Snow White only this mirror’s a little different… The talking mirror deceives the Queen into taking a “beauty enhancement” potion, which causes her body to become uglier as she’s being tempted into anger/jealousy of Sweetpea Beauty’s looks and character. Sweetpea Beauty when finally meeting the Queen tells her of real beauty.

Although I would argue this movie was directed towards young women, I felt this was great for all ages as I don’t feel it was “too girly” lol. I also loved the song Beautiful For Me by Nichole Nordeman and her YouTube interview on Big idea’s channel is worth checking out too; I actually cried a little bit when first hearing that song. The Silly song Pants is definitely another silly one and I’m guessing they wrote the song, because someone probably asked them “hey guys how come your characters never wear pants?” I loved the scriptural applications used throughout the stories as well, and I enjoyed how each tale ended. The message presented is essential for young women to hear, because we are in a culture today that celebrates outer beauty and the culture is wrong! God does not see us for our physical appearance, in fact I doubt he cares about all the fashion garbage found on TV, as evident in passages like 1 Peter 3:3-5 and neither should we. Again great movie from the people of Big Idea.

TCP Movie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.


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