To Save a Life: a DVD Review

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So with some Christmas money, I decided to pick up a copy of the movie To Save a Life for my movie collection. I was curious what this would be about as I do enjoy watching Christian based movies on occasion. I also noticed that Steven Crowder, someone who I am subscribed to on YouTube, is in this movie so that also peaked my interest. I definitely noticed this was a peerless film which treaded along a rocky trail. I mean this in a good and bad way as I’m certain there will be some folks out there who will praise what the people of To Save a Life did for this production, while there will be others who won’t like it so much… Personally, I loved this film overall, but some minor changes could have been made too.

To Save a Life is about a jock named Jake who trades friendship (Roger) for popularity (his girlfriend Amy, his basketball teammate Doug, and other popular kids). After years of being ignored and feeling lonely, Roger arrives at school one day with a gun and he shoots himself… Jake feels horrible for Roger’s death for many reasons and partially blames himself for it. After pondering more about Roger’s death and meeting Youth Pastor Chris, Jake is convinced to reexamine his life. He eventually grows dissatisfied with the typical highschool lifestyle, decides to live boldly for God, and he radically turns against the social clique system. This movie focuses on Jake’s senior year which is filled with many moments of happiness, revelation, and sorrow.

My favorite thing about this movie in one word would be: “realistic”.  From my experience, the public high school lifestyle being displayed through characters like Doug was unfortunately accurate, though somethings are actually even worse depending on the area of the country. I am obliged on how they showed there are some wolves in sheep’s clothing within Christian based groups like the Head Pastor’s son Danny. Although I am not a fan of hearing curse words I’m willing to give a little mercy on this, considering the movie’s intent seemed honorable; a disclaimer if you show this to others. Though I feel that way, I also feel they should have at least said during the scene where Jake swore at the Youth Group, that even though he made a good point about them the swearing itself wasn’t appropriate. Not to nitpick, but I also felt Randy Wayne (Jake’s actor) could have done better when it came to portraying anger; I felt he could have been angrier when confronting his father. I appreciated the film’s theological message of not judging a book by its cover and how desperately we need God at any age, but I wish they would have focused more on Christ in addition to God. I also appreciated the realistic/compassionate look into the many teen trials including Teen Pregnancy; though they could have shown more consequences of alcohol. Overall I felt this was really good, though I wouldn’t recommend this for those who are younger than teenage and it’s worth discussing afterwards too.

TCP Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.


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