An Easter Carol: a VeggieTales DVD Review

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I watched VeggieTales’ new movie ‘Twas the Night Before Easter, earlier last week. While writing my review for that movie, I realized VeggieTales made another Easter movie called An Easter Carol back in the early 2000s; or they released the DVD version of it during that time I’m not certain. I wanted to see if I liked this movie better than their new Easter movie. I also wanted to watch/review a few Easter based movies before the Resurrection Day Season ended. As you might have assumed already, An Easter Carol is an adaptation to the famous Charles Dickens tale: A Christmas Carol.

In this story, VeggieTales’ Mr. Nezzer is Ebenezer Nezzer the owner of an Easter Egg factory. Mr. Nezzer feels it would make his late grandmother happy and people in general would be happy if he constructed an Easter themed theme park; since Easter is all about the eggs and chocolates to him. The land he desires for this theme park is already occupied by a church and orphanage, but since he technically owns the land he wants them destroyed on Easter Sunday morning to make room for the theme park. When evening comes, the spirit of his grandmother warns him not to go through with the demolition and tells him an angel will appear to him three times to show him an Easter past, present, and yet to come. The angel Hope appears to him to show Mr. Nezzer the error of his ways.

Rebecca St. James, who plays the angel Hope, is fantastic in this movie. I loved her song, it was beautiful and it presents what the true meaning of Easter is supposed to be! (I actually cried a little when hearing it.) Like any other VeggieTales story, I felt An Easter Carol was well written, educational, and it will definitely entertain both parents and children. Granted the graphics aren’t as good as the newer VeggieTales movies, but this was one of their older films and I don’t believe that prevents a person from enjoying the story; there are horrible films out there with good graphics lol. I certainly liked both ‘Twas the Night Before Easter and An Easter Carol, but between the two of them I preferred watching An Easter Carol better.

TCP Movie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.


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