Hometown Legend: a DVD Review

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The Fall and winter seasons are not the only times out of the year one can talk about football right? Well I plan to do that either way lol. So I’ve seen a few sports movies in my day like Little Giants (haven’t seen that in a while), Lady BugsFacing the Giants, and of course The Mighty Ducks movie trilogy which have all been decent. Even though I liked those movies, I usually have not had a strong craving for sports movies; blame that on my childhood I suppose lol. Since I hear of people watching sports movies every now and then, I thought since it’s been a little while since I’ve watched one I thought I’d try the movie Hometown Legend.

Hometown Legend is about a struggling Alabama highschool and also its struggling football team. 12 years from the present, Athens’ high school football coach quits his job after his son dies from a tackle gone wrong during a championship game. Since the coach’s departure, for the last 12 years the Alabama High’s team has played horribly, not to mention the school itself is struggling financially and will be closing at the end of the school year. For the last year of Athens’ High school being open, Coach Buster Schuller returns for one more coaching season in the hopes of giving the Athens Crusaders one last shot of glory. Even with Coach Schuller back, the team seems hopeless until a loner named Elvis Jackson joins the team as running back…

Maybe it’s because I haven’t watched nearly as many sports movies as some people I know, but I wasn’t very impressed by this. Granted the acting was ok, but plot wise the story wasn’t unique. Hometown Legend had the typical sports formula where its an underdog team whose game ability suddenly turns around due to either a new coach or a new player. Granted most sports movies have that formula, but with movies like The Waterboy and Facing the Giants they have added elements concealed within the plot which make the story more entertaining. In the case of Facing the Giants in addition to using the typical formula they added humorous and inspirational spices to season the story when Hometown Legend did neither in my opinion. The only thing which made Hometown Legend stand out from the average mainstream sports movie is that there were no swear words and everyone, except Elvis, held God in a positive light. Speaking of God, when Elvis Jackson criticized God during certain parts of the movie I don’t remember any of the characters saying something to the effect:“You’re wrong about God” and talk to him about who God is and why he’s special. The only thing they seemed to hint in the movie which has a Christian twist is the message that God answers prayers, but that’s a little bit of a stretch and could have been more specific. Sure they do promote hard work and team unity, but that is a common theme in most if not all sports movies. And finally, I wasn’t a fan of Rachel Sawyer. It wasn’t that I felt the gal who played her was a bad actress, I thought she did pretty good, I just felt Rachel at times was a bit snotty. If you’re looking for a clean sports movie which doesn’t use the Lord’s name in vain this is alright, but if you’re a Christian I’d rather recommend Facing the Giants over this film.

TCP Movie Rating: 2 out of 5 stars.


One thought on “Hometown Legend: a DVD Review

    annawood said:
    April 18, 2011 at 10:12 AM

    A good, well thought out, review. Thank you.

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