The Passion of the Christ: a DVD Review

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Today is Resurrection Day Sunday. I was almost nervous about writing a review for this infamous film. I decided it would be a good idea though because: 1) I’ve seen it twice, 2) it has notoriety, and 3) its controversial. Some readers may find my review of 3 out of 5 stars offensive, but there is a reason for the madness. My reasons are linked with points 1 and 3.

The first time I watched The Passion of the Christ was during its theatrical release. I saw this with a youth group and I didn’t speak for the rest of the night afterward. It was shocking to see the abuse Christ went through, but it’s important to note I didn’t become saved until a few years later while in College. This is important, because some have treated this as though “if___ watches this then they’ll want to be a Christian”. That idea isn’t completely accurate, because the movie doesn’t present the entire gospel message. If you’re going to show this movie to someone, be prepared to have a discussion afterwards in order to fill in the missing context for why this was an important event.

Ignoring common Atheist quips, there are two controversies worth noting: A) Director Mel Gibson’s recent behavior and B) catholic theology snuck into the movie.  For A), I refuse to discredit this film solely due to Mel Gibson and his recent behavior, because of Romans 3:23 and many-many innovations would also have to be discredited including the computer you’re using to read this. Granted his recent behavior is questionable, but that is for God to decide upon ultimately. As for the catholic theology, I’m not sure if there were any other little nuggets, but I recognized the towel part and the demons torturing Judas into hanging himself appeared to be something catholic since those ‘events’ are not in the Bible. I will agree Modern Roman Catholicism is no longer the same as biblical Christianity, but this doesn’t disqualify this movie outright. I say this, because in my opinion no one will ever be able to reenact the Bible with complete accuracy. For an example, we won’t know the exact reason why Judas hanged himself. Some say Judas hanged himself because of demons apparently, but the more familiar and probably more accurate possibilities for him hanging himself could be either Judas was too ashamed of his sin or Judas was afraid of a possible backlash from an angry disciple.

Bunnies and “easter” eggs are not what make this holiday great nor are they Christian. In the grand scheme of it all, I felt the acting and the scenery were well done; though obviously graphic. I also feel seeing the abuse Jesus Christ went through could be beneficial, conditioned it isn’t one of the first things an unbeliever sees regarding something Christian based. Like I said earlier, a person ought to know the beginning of the gospel message first: we are sinners who are in need a savior.

TCP Movie Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.


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