Should you go to College?

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Soon there will be students graduating High School and the thought of this reminds me of when I graduated back in 2005. Depending on your parents, region, dreams, and grades you may have thought about College. Some of you may have even been pressured by either your parents, fellow classmates, some other adult authority figure, or simply the statistics one hears on the news. Last month, I told my post highschool story on the debut episode for my radio show; if you didn’t hear it you should click the link :D. So expanding on the basis of that show a little bit, I’d like to address a question some students may have… “Should I go to College right after High School?” My response to that question depends on two questions:

  1. Do you know what you want to enroll for? This is a very, very important question to answer, because the debt one can grow is very dangerous. I’m not just talking about student loan debt you’ll have to pay off either… Depending on your economic status you may also have to worry about living expenses, food prices, gas, phone, possibly electricity, possibly water,  and if you’re especially not careful credit card debt. I would not want anyone to risk getting into debt unless they know they have a passion for something, have the right work ethic, and aren’t trying to get into a job that has way-WAY too many applicants already lol. Depending on what you have in mind, maybe you should save up a little cash first or maybe take part in an internship/job shadow for what you have in mind and see if you like it.

  2. Why do you want to enroll? This is important, because of the first paragraph. Sometimes one might feel guilt if they don’t go to college, especially if you’re a good Christian kid who doesn’t want to break the 4th commandment. Put it this way, if your reason to enroll is due to an outside source, especially when concerning the school itself or type of enrollment, then don’t go to College right away. “Well my Dad wants me to be a lawyer, shouldn’t I do what he says, because of the 4th commandment?” I feel it’s super awesome you have love and respect for your parents, because such respect is not as common in society as it used to be unfortunately. However, there are exceptions to this like if what they tell you will cause you and or others to sin. (for a very radical example, if your dad’s a mafia boss and he wants you to take over for him.) Not to mention, there are certain talents and abilities God blesses with, which aren’t always similar to one’s parents. (for an example your mom might be a chef, but you’re really good at working with cars) A better question I suppose is “Who do you wish to glorify through your work?” If your motive is to honor God and help others with your occupation, then it is fine to seek a career, even without your parents’ approval; God does want us to be happy too.

All in all going to College is a life changing decision which must be well thought out and carefully planned.


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