Bringing Up Bobby: a DVD Review

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A Provident Film

A Different Kind of Comedy” is a very good description, because this is certainly a movie which is meant for those of an acquired comedic taste. I don’t know if older viewers will like this movie since this is targeted for teenagers and young adults; including some of the jokes. Bringing Up Bobby is more than a comedy, however, as there are a select number of serious scenes. I have already read a few reviews before writing this and though this isn’t a perfect movie, I didn’t feel it was terrible either and I feel giving it a 1 star is a bit harsh… (course one of those two 1 star rated reviews I read was from a professed Atheist lol)

Bringing Up Bobby is about a 16-year-old named Bobby who is trying to figure out who and how he should be as a man. This film is also about a contested Will, which is being fought over amongst the Wyler children of the deceased parents. Bobby has an unusual family: his brother Dennis is a drifter who also doesn’t seem to know where to go next in life and hopes for part of the Will money in order to pay back some “anarchists”, his sister Andrea is a selfish materialist who desires all of her deceased parent’s assets at the expense of family unity, and his other brother James is a Christian who has been raising Bobby like a father would. Bobby also has a friend named Eric whose mother is an alcoholic. Part of why Bobby is trying to find himself is because of a cute girl named Liz who is playing hard to get and is a Christian; James also has a bit of a love interest with his sister’s lawyer.

I’ll admit there were a few scenes where the creators of Bringing Up Bobby tried to make a joke and it kind of failed for me, but I did find some of the things in this movie funny nevertheless like the boxing lol. I like the concept of “The War Table” in that nothing is off the table for discussion while in attendance, although I can see how some viewers might feel the wearing of costumes is a bit weird. I like how the movie ended overall it seemed somewhat realistic and glad to see things turned out well for most of the characters. My main complaint for this film, however, is I don’t think the creators of Bringing Up Bobby understand Goths and anarchists as well as they think. Most of the talk concerning anarchists I didn’t find funny, except the one scene where Dennis timidly hides when he thinks an anarchist is knocking at the door. Theologically speaking I thought what James told Bobby about Christianity, God, and Jesus Christ were very well put. Granted there were a few imperfections, but I thought the film was decent and I liked it.

TCP Movie Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.


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