Desiring God by Dr. John Piper

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by Dr. John Piper

I love books like this, as well as Dr. Jerry Bridges’ The Practice of Godliness, because it is the kind of book where it isn’t just focused on one specific subject; although those kinds of books can be helpful too like Randy Alcorn’s The Goodness of God.)  The beauty of Desiring God is it talks about various topics, but it doesn’t spread itself too far out and those topics are linked to a complimentary theme of: Christian Hedonism. Without a doubt this book is essential  for a Christian’s library.

Desiring God tells Christians in its introduction “The Chief end of man is to glorify God BY enjoying him forever”. He says he changed ‘and’ for the word ‘by’, because the Bible says God wants us to be pleased while serving him and the two qualities are not supposed to be separable. After all, a wife would prefer a husband to love her while doing what a husband is supposed to do over “I bought you these flowers because it is my duty” or simply say “I love you” but never do anything else lol. Piper adds that the idea of Christian Hedonism is not something he made up as there have been others like Jonathan Edwards who have also promoted similar ideals.

Throughout Desiring God Dr. John Piper talks about various subjects like happiness, worship, missions, love, money, suffering, etc. This is the kind of book where if you like to read you’ll love it, but you might think it’s a bit long if you’re either a newly converted Christian or if reading isn’t one of your strongest qualities; I like reading so I loved it. My Bible Study Group and I found this to be very beneficial in group discussion and through gaining inspirational wisdom. I highly recommend this book!

Book Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

It’s important to note this is the 1996 edition, which is the 10 year anniversary copy. The original 1986 edition does not have the suffering chapter. There is a new 25 year anniversary edition out there as of 2011. From what I could tell from skimming, the 1996 and the 2011 editions are very similar so either edition you read it’ll convey the same basic message Dr. Piper wanted you to read.


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