Sumo of the Opera: a VeggieTales DVD review

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a VeggieTales film

I thought this was an odd-sounding title for a movie lol. Sumos and the opera don’t really sound like something which go together that well, it reminds me of a funny card combo for Apples To Apples, lol; although they might have them in Japanese operas for all I know. Nevertheless I usually like what VeggieTales has to offer and wanted to watch this as I was donating some plasma. If the idea of sumos singing sounds strange to you, don’t worry that isn’t the entire film I assure you :P. This VeggieTales DVD consisted of three featurettes.

In Sumo of the Opera, there were three featurettes. The first was a somewhat silent movie about three workers who are trying to get a piano up a hill. (here’s a video link if you want to watch it) The second is the story of Saint Patrick and why Saint Patrick’s Day was originally founded; by the way it has nothing to do with alcohol or getting drunk! The main and final, story is about a sumo wrestler called The Italian Scallion who has to fight the champion Apollo for a shot at the title and a bicycle.

I thought it was kind of cute the three workers in the first featurette resembled the Three Stooges. I also thought the silly polka song they had before the story of Saint Patrick was pretty funny. The Saint Patrick story was quite educational, I didn’t know much about him and thought that was actually the best part of this DVD. Even though I liked the Saint Patrick tale best, I did like the Sumo tale too :). The scriptural passage they had featured for this presentation was great, although most of the translations I read used the word “endurance” instead of the word Perseverance; appropriate still since you can’t persevere without having endurance right? Overall not a bad film, although the Rocky puns were a bit cheesy, the message and entertainment were still top notch.

TCP Movie rating: 5 out of 5 stars.


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    Ben Umnus responded:
    July 8, 2011 at 10:54 AM

    I was looking around a bit and thought this website was interesting. It has two PDF files of sumo exercises and stretches for those interested. Because I’m a bigger guy I’d like to see if they help out at all. Lol I’m not going to eat like those guys do lol I’m a big enough guy as is and I don’t think my fiance would want me that big or eat that much :P. Anyway here’s the link:

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