In the Blink of An Eye: a DVD Review

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A Pure Flix Film

When stumbling upon In the Blink of An Eye, the very first thing I heard from others and saw from viewing the trailer was the thought: “This movie is like a mix of Groundhog Day and the rapture”. Now end times theology is very controversial and risky to talk about/deal with whether concerning a movie, book, or game. Although I am undecided on my stance on how I feel about the rapture (as I need to do more research), I have liked some of those films in the past. However I was a bit disappointed in this particular movie….

In the Blink of An Eye stars David White who has been in various faith-based films like Hidden Secrets and Six: The Mark Unleashed (I’ll write a review for that movie soon); he was also the director for The Encounter. David (also character name) and his partner Larry (Lonnie Colon) are cops who save a pop star from a kidnapper. David talks his way into a Mexican vacation, on the pop star agent’s boat, as a reward for her rescue. David’s wife (his wife in real life), and Larry and his wife are invited on this vacation too. Of course for David this isn’t just a vacation, since his boss is suspicious of the pop star agent, he wants David to investigate further. In the middle of their first day on vacation, David is resting on the beach when his wife, his partner, and his partner’s wife all suddenly, without explanation, disappear… David also realizes each time he thinks the day is over, it starts over again from the very beginning…

I liked the movie GroundHog day, it’s apart of my movie collection, and prior to watching this film I was intrigued Pure Flix was using it as part of the plot; as well as the cover itself looks cool. Excluding the controversial topic of whether the Rapture is real or not, here’s the thing: plotwise and theologically I didn’t like In the Blink of an Eye very much. I was disappointed the only criminal arrested was the kidnapper at the beginning of the film. Eric Roberts barely received any time in this movie. I also am not a fan of the “Your life will be a lot better once you ask Jesus into your heart” approach to Evangelism, which was said by Lonnie, because it is a misleading statement and has created many false converts. Spiritually the idea is true in that you’ll be in Hell without Christ, but on an earthly standard the Christian life is not very rosy at all according to people like Paul. I’m also not a fan of the sinner’s prayer, which was uttered by David’s wife, because again this is something which has been parroted by many false converts. Though David and his wife, and Eric Roberts were decent, I felt the acting could have been better. And finally I just felt things ended too well in that it was slightly cheesy… I wanted this to be a really good movie, but I just didn’t like it.

TCP Movie Rating: 1 out of 5 stars.


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