The Perfect Stranger: a DVD Review

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a Jefferson Moore Film

I’ve been meaning to watch this movie as I had it saved on my DVR from a time ago; it was on JCTV for those who are curious. Anyway, I liked Jefferson Moore in the movie Clancy, which I will review for you another day, and I heard good things about this movie too. The Perfect Stranger I couldn’t help, but find to be a curious idea as it sort of reminded me of the concept behind The Encounter only a different actor playing Jesus and only one person was talking to him.

The Perfect Stranger is about a stressed out lawyer named Nikki. She comes into work and sees on her desk an invitation to have dinner with Jesus Christ. At first she’s creeped out thinking it was “one of her crazy Christian neighbors”, but laughs it off thinking it was her husband inviting her on a date due to the fight they had earlier in the morning. She figures “why not?” since her daughter’ll be at a sleepover and she loves the food at Pepino’s Restaurant. When she gets there though, her husband isn’t there and it is as the invitation said “a Dinner with Jesus Christ”.

I thought this was pretty good, though I would say The Encounter was better about using this “if you could have dinner with Jesus Christ what would you ask him?” concept, even though The Perfect Stranger is based on the original book by David Gregory. I think Jefferson Moore is a very good actor in this film as well and the woman who plays Nikki is decent at times too. The camera work isn’t the best, but then again this is a low-budget film and the concept for the film isn’t supposed to have anything worth using CGI’s for so what do you expect right lol? I liked most of what was talked about during their dinner conversation, some might find it controversial Jesus was drinking wine *gasp*, I thought a few of the questions could have gone a little better in that they didn’t talk about Evolution much, but maybe they did that for the sequel Another Perfect Stranger, I’ll have to find out.  (when I write that review I’ll link it here) Overall this was a pretty decent movie, though I’d say this is definitely for the adults as the kids might find this to be boring.

TCP Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.


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