Pistachio The Little Boy that Woodn’t: a VeggieTales DVD

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A Big Idea film

Alright the word pun ‘woodn’t’ is a little cheesy I’m willing to admit this, but please don’t let that alone discourage you from watching this movie lol. Usually Big Idea makes movies which are great for both the Kids and parents so give it a shot and forget the silly word pun lol; I speak this endorsement of VeggieTales movies from past reviewing experience of course lol.

Anyway! Pistachio: The Little Boy that Woodn’t you can probably guess is an adaptation of the Pinocchio story. Larry the cucumber stars as Gelato, the wood-carver adaptation of Gepetto. Like the fairytale, Gelato doesn’t have a child of his own and dreams of being a father. One day Gelato is given a magical piece of “Pistachio wood” and he uses it to carve a little boy of his own. He carves an asparagus boy, who Gelato names pistachio, and it miraculously comes to life. Pistachio wants to do things his way, but the caterpillar Cricket tells him he’ll get into trouble if he doesn’t listen to his father Gelato. As you can imagine, Pistachio gets into trouble anyway, but how does he get into trouble? And will Pistachio learn his lesson?

I thought this was a cute movie! It reminded me a lot like the basic Pinocchio movie only a few things were slightly tweaked like in this movie the emphasis is on God not “your conscience”. I thought the caterpillar was funny and felt they didn’t use the line: “I am not a Cricket. I am a Caterpillar!” too much, it felt just right in amount of usage. I loved the way the story flowed, because even though Big Idea based this movie off of the fairytale Pistachio: The Little Boy that Woodn’t felt original and didn’t feel like a cheap Hollywood rip off like some movies do. The Silly Song wasn’t bad lol, though it’s not a good as some of the other songs I’ve heard. The message presented is also a really good thing for kids, especially because there are many out there who feel they can live life by their own compass rather than relying upon God. Overall I loved this movie and feel this is another VeggieTale classic!


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