Courage: A DVD Review

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I saw this was available on Netflix and had some time to kill while waiting for a video to upload on YouTube so why not right? From what I read in the description this sounded like it could be a decent movie. I mean the idea of people being stranded and being out in the wilderness, as well as the hopeful possibility of a relationship being mended sound like good plot elements. I’m always open to watching a clean alternative, especially one which seems to be a thriller so that’s why I wanted to try Courage.

The movie Courage is about a family which goes on a boating trip to unwind, but after a violent storm they get stranded in the wilderness; near Puget Sound. Prior to the family leaving they had a bit of drama where Dad’s book wasn’t selling well and the company was going bankrupt, as well as his daughter wasn’t getting along well with her step mom. After they get stranded, the Dad gets injured and is unable to move so the step mother and daughter must help out. It does not help though that there are reports of a lone, angry grizzly bear nearby…

I was not a fan of most of the movie’s music, the wilderness parts in particular; lol it made me wonder if Jason was going to jump out at them. But seriously, the acting was fine although the teenage daughter could have been better at times; she was good towards the end though. I thought the plot elements synced together really well. I liked how they briefly talked about God in a positive light which is something they should do in movies in general. This was simply a clean alternative to a thriller movie some might see at the movie theater and I thought that although there were a few meh moments, I thought this was pretty good and would recommend this for family viewing.

TCP Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.


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