In the Footsteps of Jesus by Bruce Marchiano

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by Bruce Marchiano

I liked watching Matthew, the film presentation of The Gospel of Matthew. One reason why I enjoyed that film is, because it made me ponder about how Jesus Christ himself was during this time in our world’s history. I felt a movie out to portray Jesus Christ with as much accuracy as possible was an artistic and admirable project. Then I heard Bruce Marchiano, the actor who played Jesus Christ, had written a book based on personal thoughts and experiences he had during the filming of Matthew. When I heard about In the Footsteps of Jesus I couldn’t resist opening its cover, because I wanted to know just what it took for Bruce to play Jesus Christ and I was also hopefully fascinated on hearing some Biblical inspiration.

In the Footsteps of Jesus looks at Bruce Marchiano’s real life experiences during the filming of the movie Matthew. He shares his thoughts and feelings of what it was like to prepare for and perform the role of Jesus Christ, and he also reveals a bit of his Christian testimony. Mr. Marchiano paints a picture of what it was like working in Morocco, the climate of being an actor, and reveals several interesting events which took place before/during/after the filming of this epic movie.

Now there were certainly some moments Bruce shared which I found funny like his first visit to a Hammam and the accidental directorial decision to film a scene within a pit local villagers used as a toilet lol. There were also times when I felt like crying in instances such as a Moroccan Family’s generous hospitality, the director’s kindness for someone who accidentally ruins the movie’s film, and simply being touched by Bruce’s poetic descriptions. If I could simplify the experience real short and sweet, I’d say watching it was like appreciating a work of art. I watched Matthew and thought “this is pretty good” not thinking about it as deeply as I should, but then once I read more about Jesus as well as Bruce’s preparation/technique/inspiration I appreciated both this book and the movie a lot more! Mr. Marchiano certainly put a lot of effort into playing Jesus Christ and I had a few “You know I never thought of it that way before, but you’re right!” moments as well as a few “wow!” moments too. I highly recommend this book as it gave me a similar feeling of when I read Dr. John MacArthur’s The Jesus You Can’t Ignore, in that I was able to imagine what was written and it was breathtaking. Now that I’ve read this, I am especially excited to see Bruce’s new Jesus movie: Jesus no Greater Love; based on the gospel of John.

Book Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.


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