The 12 Biggest Lies: A DVD Review

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As a personal habit I have felt the need to live my life more honestly and be more God dependent. As I’ve been doing this and when I’ve thought about previous topics for my online radio show, I’ve noticed not only is the truth tough but necessary, but our society hates it! The unsaved, mainstream culture has promoted certain ideals, some of  which they unfortunately KNOW are lies but don’t want to accept, with a very strong emphasis. The 12 Biggest Lies is a revolutionary documentary which tells all as it really is supposed to be. What are the 12 biggest lies our society has popularized?   

  1. There is no such thing as truth
  2. People are inherently good
  3. no one should be offended
  4. men and women are equal
  5. a fetus isn’t a human
  6. the world is overpopulated
  7. Americans are greedy and self-centered
  8. Islam is a religion of peace
  9. the jews stole Jerusalem
  10. The Earth is billions of years old
  11. There is no God
  12. Jesus was just a Good man.

As you can see most clearly, this was definitely a controversial documentary. When I watched it I was curious to hear the points made regarding why each of these are lies and I was easily convinced. The 12 Biggest Lies had many influential speakers commenting on each such as Alex Jones, Ray Comfort, and Ravi Zacharias. Many interesting points regarding religion and politics were made in great detail and were well thought out. After watching this I cannot help, but give this a strong recommendation and encourage others to watch this!

TCP Movie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

p.s. For my show I’ll be having Jack Kinsella, one of the experts interviewed, Tuesday January 3rd at 3 PM Central, and Andre Van Heerden, who is the director and head writer for the film, on Thursday January 5th at 3 PM Central. If you are unable to listen to the shows live it will be available for download in the show archive and on I-tunes.


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