The Greening of Whitney Brown: a dvd review

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an Arc Entertainment Film

I’m not a fan of movies like Legally Blonde, because they popularize the annoying and stereotypical valley girl image. I imagine there are parents out there who may wonder: ‘what should my daughter be watching?’ and as a future parent I think about that thought often too. Recently my wife and I decided to watch the movie The Greening of Whitney Brown, partially because of that thought and also because the preview looked good too.

The Greening of Whitney Brown is a story of a popular, middle school girl who for much of her life has lived a privileged life in Philadelphia. One day she comes home from school and learns her father lost his job and her family is forced to move out to the country. While adjusting to the change in economic status she is also trying to adjust to a new school, being away from her friends, moving into a new home, and an unusual horse which constantly follows her around.

My wife and I enjoyed this a lot! Although this was obviously written for teenage girls I felt this was a good film for the whole family. Bob the horse was hilarious and was well-trained. The plot was well thought out and unpredictable. I liked Brooke Shields, Kris Kristopherson, and the rest of the cast. I liked the lesson Whitney learned at the end of being content, and what true friends are like. I didn’t find this quote: ‘too girly’ and I was pleasantly surprised by this.

TCP Book Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

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