Snowmen: a dvd review

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an Arc Entertainment film

Originally when I first watched this, I thought it was funny considering this is a movie about snow and at the time there was no snow on the ground yet for this winter lol. But anyway, I saw the preview to this movie after I reviewed Seven Days in Utopia, and I thought it looked really cool! This movie’s premise just seemed like this would be great for people of all ages and I just got this sense that this movie might even give something to think about too; not to mention we really liked The Greening of Whitney Brown. (which was also made by Arc Entertainment.)

Snowmen is about a group of three ambitious kids who want to set a new record in the Guinness book of world records. Billy Kirkfield, one of the kids apart of the group, originally dreams up this idea to have people build as many snow men as they can in a single day, because he wants to be remembered for something special before he dies; Japan had the current record according to the movie. In addition to arranging this objective for the entire school the three also have to deal with school life, Billy’s health, family drama, bullies, and Billy’s crush.

My wife and I LOVED Snowmen! My wife told me this reminded her of a Nickelodeon movie only better; I assume she was thinking of Snowday.  I liked everyone within the cast and it was also neat to see notable names like Christopher Lloyd (although it would have been cool to see him in the film longer than he was), Ray Liotta ( from Wild Hogs), and Doug E. Doug (from Cool Runnings). I thought the plot was well written and very suspenseful. The dialogue between the children seemed very realistic, although some might get annoyed by one of the kid’s Jamaican accent. I also saw a bit of an unexpected serious side to this movie concerning topics like cancer, purpose, character, and death. This is a great movie for people of all ages and should be how all movies within the mainstream Hollywood should be, I give this a strong recommendation, and I’m going to buy this movie for our family collection!

TCP Movie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.


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