Hollow: A DVD Review

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A Pure Flix Film

I am not someone who is willing to pretend to know what it’s like to live in certain life situations, but I’m glad there are movies out there which try to address some of those more uncomfortable situations… Hollow, when first looking at the Netflix description, seemed to be one of those movies which desired to address the street life atmosphere to some extent. From reading the description, I thought this might be a pretty good movie and was hoping for something pretty good since this is from the people of Pure Flix.

Hollow revolves around four people’s stories, which are all somehow connected into one giant plotline: the operations of Drug Lord and Strip Club owner Copernicus Jones. Detective Sam Riley, when not busting drug dealers, is struggling with his marriage/addiction to pornography and is also searching for his wife’s sister whom they haven’t seen since they got married. Harrison Green, who got saved while in prison, is returning to his home town in the hope of reaching out to lost souls; one in particular Harrison once knew quite well… Chelsea Hammond is a stripper who is tempted with the offer of more money, the supposed happiness drugs will bring her, and the “prestige” of becoming an adult entertainer. Jordan Coleman is a drug dealer who is abused by his mother, is unhappy with dealing drugs especially to those he cares about, and is greatly concerned for his drug dealing associate/friend Quincy due to the trouble Quincy has gotten himself into with Mr. Jones.

Hollow, in all honesty could have been a lot better than it was. I loved the plot’s unique complexity and originality. I also liked the music being played within the movie, especially the songs sung by the actress who played Chelsea. However, I thought much of the acting was terrible, though Kent Burrell was decent as Mr. Jones and the other actors could have been worse I suppose. I also was surprised to see the low quality audio and camera work for this film considering this was made in 2011, I guess this was a very low-budget film lol. I think if they had hired a better cast and film crew this could have been something much better in presentation, though I do feel the messages presented within the movie were good.

TCP Movie Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars.


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