Top Ten Most Influential Christians by Ken Lambert and Abby Matske

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Back in January I had a radio interview with Ken Lambert about figures within Christian history. The overall agreement within this interview was simply “Christians need to know their history and some of the people within it better“. Part of this thought comes from the statistical fact in which many say they dislike studying history; though I think math’s still considered the worst. Although this is in regard to general history, it is arguable many Christians don’t even know much about some of the figures who had affected their present spiritual lives. Because of this fact, Ken Lambert and others cowrote and published this book.

Top Ten Most Influential Christians isn’t a personal commentary about who should be on the top 10 list, but rather looks at the result of a recent Christian based survey. This book examines the results of the survey, gives a historical examination on who those people were, and some of what they said and did too. It’s not that people don’t know who they are, but rather they don’t know enough about them. Because of this, Ken Lambert and others give/source historical information regarding various figures within Christian history who made an impact; though not all of them necessarily in a positive light.

Because I admittedly don’t know as much about certain figures within Christian history as I should, I found this book very helpful. For obvious reasons I can’t reveal who all the figures were within the book, but one section I really liked a lot was in regard to John Wycliffe. I knew a bit about him, but I found the analysis of who he was as well as certain things he said and did to be very inspirational and fascinating; I am grateful he was one of the people who fought to give me a personal Bible. I was also surprised to learn of certain figures I hadn’t even heard of who had made a positive impact on present day Christian life. Despite personal opinions one might have about certain theological beliefs as well as the various denominations some may be associated within, I felt this book did a good job of not sounding bias and I think this a very positive quality. The only thing I wish this book was better about is simply for it to have been a bit longer so I could have learned even more. 🙂 Based on what I’ve read, I cannot help but believe Top Ten Most Influential Christians is a good, introductory look at various figures within Christian history; especially for those who are beginners.

Book Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

p.s. Be sure to check out Ken Lambert’s blog, which is sourced in the second paragraph for more information about the book as well as the project itself. And for purchase, click on the photo in the upper left. Also be sure to never forget the most influential Christian of all… Jesus Christ! Happy Resurrection Day!


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Most Influential Christians by Ken Lambert and Abby Matske

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    kql314 said:
    April 7, 2012 at 11:09 AM

    Hello Ben- Thanks for taking the time to read Top 10. Glad you liked it.
    Funny- we were supposed to be at about 110 pages, and we ended up at 136. And that was very difficult to cut it down to 136 pages. You could write 300 pages about any of these key persons- easy. But, we wanted it to be an easy read, and something that people will not be intimidated by. Blessings,
    Ken L.

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