Holyman Undercover: A DVD Review

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A Pure Flix Film

I’ll be honest, when I saw the cover to this I was thinking: “Oh wow this has got to be terrible“. I actually avoided the idea of purchasing it and even watching this at first simply, because I was thinking it would be really cheesy. Not very fair of me to have felt that way I realize this now, especially since I try to give things a fair journalistic chance. Of course recently, I saw Netflix had this movie available so one night I said “alright fine, maybe I’ll get a good laugh after all” and opened up about it. Well honestly the movie was  not what I had originally expected.

Holyman Undercover is about an Amish man, played by David A.R. White, who sets out to Los Angeles in order to bring the gospel to those people as well as find one of his long-lost relatives. He doesn’t find a lot of open support and quite frankly gets made fun of for his upbringing at the beginning. He does find his long-lost relative and is told “you have to reach the lost in a different way” and because of this advice the Amish man eventually gets into acting. This story is about a Christian who is struggling with balancing out his faith while not getting into trouble or corrupted at the same time…

Obviously this is a film of satire so you can’t take certain things like the commercial voiceover, David’s character does, seriously lol; I doubt many people would say that’s how to actually reach Californians. (inserting Pro-Jesus subliminal messages while naming off side effects for a pill commercial.) However, in addition to providing a good story, it also gives the viewer a reminder that there are temptations out there in the world that we have to watch out for regardless of what career we have; I really like that. I thought this was pretty funny surprisingly, Holyman Undercover certainly parodies certain aspects of both the Christian and Unsaved lifestyle. This also shows just how easily it is for anyone to fall under sin, including Christians, and that one little slip or “allowance” can sometimes turn into something much bigger and nastier than we may have imagined. I was pleasantly surprised by how good this movie was, like I said before I was imaging this as something very cheesy, I’m glad my original perception was wrong.

TCP Movie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


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