Suing the devil: A DVD Review

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A Mouth watering production

Very intriguing plot premise! I saw the trailer to this a while back and thought to myself “this looks like it could be a really good film”. I was further intrigued when I saw Malcolm McDowell, Corbin Bernsen (the Dad from the TV show Psych), and Rebecca St. James (Beautiful singer) were cast members; they are all very good actors. Keeping all that in mind I wanted to check out the movie Suing the devil.  I was excited in regard to the points above yet I was also a bit nervous too, because if this wasn’t done properly then it would probably look pretty cheesy in my honest opinion…

Suing the devil is about an Australian man who decides to sue the Devil himself for 8 trillion dollars, after certain events take place within his personal life. The court finds Luke O’Brien’s lawsuit bonkers, until a man appears within the court room who hints he might be satan himself. Because the court is convinced the man is indeed satan, the great trial is set to begin with world-wide news coverage! Little does Luke O’Brien know this won’t be an ordinary trial, because not only does satan have the best lawyers hired, but what is discussed and how things take place will surprise everyone. There is plenty of drama both in court and outside of the court room to put it mildly…

I saw some things I really liked, and a couple of things I didn’t like so much. I didn’t like the actor who played Luke O’Brien very much, because I felt certain scenes he either sounded like he was overacting or cheesy; although he did ok in other scenes too. Some funny jokes were in this movie: one example being how Luke O’Brien goes through the process of serving the prince of darkness with a subpoena. Now excluding the song: Mighty to Save I didn’t like the rest of the movie’s music very much; it was almost as bad as the music in Courage (not to be confused with Courageous). The best thing for me to note is Malcolm McDowell’s excellent portrayal as lucifer. My favorite part of his portrayal was, when he explodes in the courtroom towards the end of the film; especially with what he says about being left or right-wing. Though I felt certain scenes could have gone better, overall I thought this movie turned out pretty good and certainly gives the viewer a lot to think about especially in regard to how to respond to temptation.

TCP Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

p.s. Here are some neat videos you might like from my friend, Pastor Carl Gallups in regard to temptation and the fallen angel himself: satan’s name, and Defeating Demonic Strongholds.


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