Robin Good and his Not So Merry Men: A Veggietales DVD review

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a VeggieTale movie

Take a wild guess what this VeggieTales movie is based from lol. Yeah I think you’re easily able to determine this is based on the classic Robin Hood tale. Of course like Pistachio: The Little Boy that Woodn’t, this will also have the VeggieTale flair to the story. I recently heard of Robin Good and his not so merry men after watching another VeggieTale film recently and since I am a fan of theirs I wanted to check this out for myself. In particular, I thought the trailer was interesting in that they reveal Robin Good encourages his men to NOT steal; unlike the original story.

Robin Good contains two stories within this DVD feature. The beginning, short story is about a birthday boy who is upset no one knows his birthday is today. He has to deal with the rejection of his parents, siblings, friends, classmates, and even his teacher. Of course then again maybe his birthday might not actually be today…? As for the Robin Good story itself, this begins as the classic Robin Hood story does: the prince is taking things away from the townspeople and giving it to himself. Robin Good and his men are not happy of this, especially because the Sheriff of Bethlingham is compelled to take a ham from a poor widow after Robin Good and others fundraised money to buy the ham for her in the first place. Robin Good’s men desire to steal from the prince, but Robin Good determines this is the wrong way to deal with the situation and plans another option…

Lol I think the silly song about Bubble Rap is pretty funny; I like how they’re poking fun at mainstream, unsaved musicians like the Black Eyed Peas. (that and Khalili returns!) The story with Junior getting upset about his birthday is pretty clever, though there are certainly worser stories of hurt they could have addressed; but yeah I understand this is targeted primarily for kids. I thought the Robin Good tale was clever in that not only do they show the men stealing get in trouble because of it, but at the same time they show how to address a troublesome situation; through a humorous way of course. I didn’t think this was as good of a story as others I’ve seen from them in the past, but like the other stories I’ve watched this is overall very good as usual.

TCP Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.


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