The Woodcarver (WWJD II): A DVD Review

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A Nasser Group North film

Though John Ratzenberger had a smaller part in the movie What if…? I thought he was great in that movie. In addition to liking his previous performance as well as his work for Pixar, I bought this DVD because the plot premise seemed like this would be both comedic and inspirational. Interestingly enough, when I first opened The Woodcarver case I saw the disc stated this was also WWJD II. If you are familiar with some of my previous entries, you should know that I did watch WWJD the Movie and thought it was a pretty decent film, but will this second be just as good?

Like WWJD the Movie, The Woodcarver is multiple stories weaved together very finely. The primary story concerns fifteen year old Matt Stevenson who is caught on camera vandalizing a Baptist Church; why he did this you’ll have to find out. The Pastor of First Baptist Church gathers Matt and his parents together, and tells them that if Matt repairs the damaged done the church will not press charges. Another story concerns Matt’s parents who are currently separated, and are struggling to deal with all their family’s drama and strife. The third story concerns Ernest Otto, the woodcarver who originally carved the church’s woodwork, who hasn’t carved in years due to his wife’s death. Ernest is now commissioned by the church to rebuild what was once destroyed, though a certain construction company would prefer him to not complete the job… All together each of these stories eventually beg everyone the question: “What Would Jesus Do?”

This movie has given me an appreciation for anything that is hand carved. I felt the movie impressively described and demonstrated what it means to be a woodcarver and how difficult it is of a task;  I wonder what Jesus Christ’s wood work looked like. The message presented, like the first WWJD movie, was very good of a reminder especially for those who haven’t gone to church in a while. This is a story about manhood, mentorship, family, character, and hard work. The only downsides I can honestly give are two things: 1) Matt and his dad’s actors could have been better at times, though the acting was decent overall 2) some parts of the story’s plotline were kind of predictable at least for me. Other than those two things I can definitely say this is a great movie for the family and glad to have this in my Christian movie collection.

TCP Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.


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