The Lost and Found Family: A DVD Review

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An Affirm Film

Ooo that kid from the Hannah Montana movie is in this; lol. No he was not the reason why I watched this film, in all Honesty I didn’t know he was in it until I started watching it since I saw this on Netflix and they didn’t have that yellow sticker they show in the picture here. But anyway! I wanted to watch this, because this seemed to be addressing an important topic which I don’t think a lot of people really think about… The Lost and Found Family seemed like a movie which would address life, family, wealth, and other similarly linked topics; I had no idea though it would be as dark as it was…

The Lost and Found Family is about a woman who recently loses her husband and also finds out due to some poor investments he made while living she’s also lost her wealthy lifestyle too. Most of what she has is forced to be sold in order to cover bills and such, but there is a piece of property which is unaffected: a Foster home in Atlanta. Her lawyer and friend tells her: “If you want to have any sort of money to survive upon, you need to sell that house.” At first she thinks this is a great idea and has her lawyer try to find someone interested in buying the property, however once she arrives she learns what seems easy enough isn’t as black and white as she thought as she has to temporarily live with the family in question…

From the original look of the cover, I was expecting this to have more comedic moments, but this is actually kind of a serious film. The Lost and Found Family addresses some topics people either don’t know much about or would prefer to stay away from. Some might be thinking: “what is shown in the movie isn’t realistic”, however from personal experience I can testify the movie not only addressed something real especially in regard to the “mother” with the hair extensions, but they probably could have gone into the topic much darker than the movie did. I felt the acting was decent and the plot was good; though how things get better I think happened too quickly. I love what Esther says about the word “salvage” at the end, as well as what she says about the tea cups, and the main theme of God closing one door in order to open another. I don’t recommend this for young children considering the seriousness of certain topics/events like drugs, but I do feel this is a decent movie overall.

TCP Movie Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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