The Pizza King: A DVD Review

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So the other day I was looking for some Christian movies to check out. I’ve been even more pumped about increasing the Christian movie titles within my library after successfully hosting a Christian movie night with some friends. While looking on Christian Cinema’s website and doing a random search of movie trailers on YouTube, I discovered a low-budget film called The Pizza King. In my town, there is actually a pizzeria called Pizza King, so out of a “that’s pretty neat” moment as well as liking the trailer I decided to purchase a copy of the movie and check this out.

As I mentioned, The Pizza King is a low-budget film. This is about a young man from Kentucky named Chaz who works as a delivery driver for Pizza King. He is tired of things being the same old same old, and wants to win a writing contest in order to leave his small town home. Betsy Jo, a coworker who loves him, tells Chaz that maybe he should be looking for something to inspire him. Will Chaz find his inspiration? Will he meet the deadline? And will he notice Betsy Jo?

For the most part I really liked this. I didn’t think the acting was cheesy or lame. This was a good story, had a good and realistic ending, and was pretty funny at times too. For a low-budget film the camera shots/effects were better than I expected, although in one scene I noticed one of the pizza boxes is from Dominos Pizza lol; I think this is funny and don’t consider that a bad thing. The only down side I can really say about The Pizza King is that the movie is only 16 minutes long!

TCP Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.


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