Heaven is Waiting: A DVD Review

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I wasn’t always into romantic comedies, I guess I have my wife to blame for watching and liking some of them. Of course when it comes to movies in general, one of my favorite kinds of movies are the ones which make me laugh; people easily recognize me for my laugh. While searching for Christian movies online I found Heaven is Waiting, which described itself to be a romantic comedy. Since I’m primarily trying to find good and family friendly movies, with a variety of genres I decided to check this out for myself.

Heaven is Waiting is about a Dad named Ned who has been grieving for his dead wife longer than he should be. As a way of coping he has conversations with her, some of them are weird and some are humorous. His daughter is now in college and is coming home to visit, but is also bringing a friend. Ned learns his daughter’s ‘friend’ is a boy who might be more than just a friend. Ned struggles with not only letting go of his previous wife in order to start dating a neighbor named Carol, but he also struggles with the idea of letting his daughter go too…

Heaven is Waiting is certainly a movie which has romance and a bit of humor, but there is certainly more than that going on in this story. When there was humor I felt much of it within the movie was pretty funny, though I can definitely say there were times when they tried to be funny and it didn’t work. The story itself is clever and addresses several topics which men certainly have or are currently going through. I enjoyed the resolution to the story as well as some of the moral themes they presented. I also liked the acting and the video quality was very good too. Overall, I didn’t see as much humor in this tale as I wanted, but despite my expectation I felt they balanced out humor/romance/ the serious parts pretty decently and is a worthwhile purchase for the whole family.

TCP Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

p.s. Does anyone else think the girl who played Ned’s daughter looks a little bit like Selena Gomez lol?


One thought on “Heaven is Waiting: A DVD Review

    Ben Umnus responded:
    June 7, 2012 at 8:10 AM

    When posting this review on Christianbook.com, I saw one person said in short: “this shouldn’t be seen, because some of the actors are mormons and the story promotes the idea spiritism due to his dead wife talking to him.” In regard to the ghost idea, I don’t interpret Ned as actually talking to his dead wife. I feel for the entertainment value she responds as though she’s there, but he’s obviously just imagining her as being there because he’s still trying to cope with his grief. As for the the mormon thing, I know at least Kriby Heyborne’s a mormon though I’m not certain of the others. However, I don’t think that’s a big deal because I don’t believe they presented anything theologicially inappropriate and besides most movies people watch have at least one person who is not a Christian in them, maybe even some of them being Christian based titles, so that argument would basically disqualiy most if not all movies which is an absurd thought to consider lol…

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