Smitty: A DVD Review

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A Phase 4 Film

Recently a dog I grew up with passed away… Though before I graduated high school I grew allergic to him, Obie was a good dog and my family and I loved him. Keeping this in mind, I felt it was good to finally write the review to this particular movie I saw before Obie passed on. Smitty is a story about a boy and his dog, though there are certainly more details to this story too.

Smitty is about a boy named Ben who hangs out with the wrong crowd. He participates in vandalizing a Chinese Restaurant and is betrayed by the hoodlums he’s hanging with when they lock him inside the restaurant’s freezer. Ben is arrested and the court tells Ben and his mother “you have a choice. Ben can spend three years in Juvenile Detention or three months with his grandfather.” Ben’s mother, who has a flawed relationship with her father, reluctantly prefers her son to be with his grandfather; whom he’ll be meeting for the first time. While living on his grandfather’s farm, Ben is forced to adjust from city to country life and must learn how to be a real man. One friend Ben makes along the way is a farm dog recently acquired by his grandfather.

Smitty is hilarious. I found this movie pretty funny, especially the first few interactions with Ben and his grandpa. I felt the story itself was very good, because it had a good balance of humor along with suspense and inspiration. The acting was very good; part of this is due to the veteran actors apart of the cast.  I think this is a great story for the whole family and give this a strong recommendation, though to be warned there is a little swearing in Smitty, but the context of it is only to show Ben’s lack of discipline early in the story.

TCP Movie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.


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