Blessed and Cursed: A DVD Review

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Written and produced by Deitrick Haddon

I had the chance to watch a movie on Netflix recently, and for some reason Blessed and Cursed was the movie which popped out to me first as being a choice to watch. When I saw the description, I remembered seeing this title on the shelf of my local Christian Book Store, and thought it might be nice to check it out; they like hearing about my reviews especially if it’s on their shelf. The description I remember reading off of the DVD case was even more interesting as it claimed to be a “modern parallel of Saul and David”.

Blessed and Cursed is a film about a young man named Dwight Hawkins who loves gospel music. He is a Christian, but he hasn’t been active about removing sin from his life and has settled for mediocrity. One day he’s singing outside while working, when the Bishop to a local Mega-church overhears him singing and offers him the job of being a music director. When this happens Dwight figures this is God’s way of telling him to shape up, and that he has big plans for him. What Dwight doesn’t know, however, is that there is someone behind the scenes who is not very supportive of him being there and is slowly poisoning the mind of the Bishop. Blessed and Cursed appeared in my preliminary perception as being a really good film, and although it was a decent movie it wasn’t as great as I thought it would be.

The music was phenomenal and in fact inspired me to check out more of Deitrick Haddon’s music, but I believe they emphasized the music a little too much at the expense of the plot; at times the movie was hard for me to follow. The acting was good especially from Deitrick Haddon, but the way this was produced at times you could spot where they inserted a spliced clip in that in the middle of a dialogue it would sometimes suddenly get brighter or louder; one example is where the Bishop’s son is confronting the Bishop about not letting Dwight perform. There is a little bit of swearing within the movie, but I believe they had this in order to both be realistic and show the utter-er was in sin. This tale did have some similarities to the Saul Versus David Saga in the Bible, but there were not as many similarities as I was expecting; it was actually more similar to the Book of Esther in all honesty than the 1st Samuel account. Lastly when you look past some of the banter, many of the lines and messages provided within the story were quite inspirational and worthwhile which is one of the saving graces for my review.

Movie Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.


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