The Imposter: a DVD Review

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A Serendipitous Film

So I didn’t realize this until I saw it at the very end, but one of the actors in this movie was from the classic rock band Kansas; neat random thing to notice. Anyway so while donating some plasma, I wanted to watch a movie to relieve my boredom. I take a look at some of the Netflix movies which are considered as “Faith and Spirituality” and I found the concept of The Imposter very curious. For the film, The Imposter, it concerns the lead singer of the fictional Christian rock band: Grand Design.

People really like Johnny C and want his autograph, and on the outside Johnny C’s life is great and he appears to be apart of a model ministry. However, Johnny C never stopped popping pills like he promised, nor did he stop drinking, nor has he been faithful to his wife, and it’s questionable if he even got saved in the first place… When his wife and others find out, Johnny’s life starts to crash and burn in multiple aspects. How will he respond to the rejection, financial hardship, etc? And will he realize the damage his sin has done for the right reason?

The morning after I’ve watched this movie, the topic of my Bible Study is 1st Corinthians 5. This is interesting, because when you look at the verses in that chapter you’ll see Paul is talking about someone like Johnny C; Paul says “do not even eat with such a person” (a person who claims to be a believer, but has been warned multiple times of their sin and refuses to address it.) In light of the entire context of the movie, I felt the band kicking Johnny out was good because he wasn’t repentant of his actions, but how everyone responded towards him at the end of the movie I’m not so sure… I say this, because they were essentially saying in summary: “Ignore what Jesus said in the prodigal son. Forgiveness and Grace are things you have to earn back.” with which I disagree. Despite Johnny’s behavior, I also felt Johnny’s brother in law was a Pharisee. The video quality was good and the story was well written, but the acting could have been better in some aspects (I’d say Kerry Livgren and Kevin Max were the best actors though). All in all, The Imposter really makes you think about a few controversial, yet necessary lessons; the greatest lesson being that sin doesn’t affect a person in only one aspect… I didn’t like the ending though.

Movie Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.


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