Beware of Christians: A DVD Review

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A Riot Film

I was raised in a home which promoted the existence of God. When certain people heard this while I was in College, they felt the need of expressing to me the following stereotypical thought: “The only reason you are the way you are, is because of how you were raised.” That sort of stereotype was certainly untrue, but it motivated me to actually reach out to God because of it. In the end this was a blessing otherwise I would not have known I wasn’t an actual Christian at that time. Beware of Christians appears to a film which kind of addresses this in that the men involved want to explore the question “how is a Christian supposed to be?”

Beware of Christians is a documentary about four college men, half of the men were in another documentary called One Nation Under God, who travel around Europe to expand their perspectives. They talk to various people on the street and ponder about seven different topics. The topics they address are very important for Christians of all ages, but they certainly seem to be targeting college aged believers primarily. They talk about Identity, Materialism, Sex/Relationships, Church, Wealth/Poverty, Media/Entertainment, and Alcohol. Are we giving God our glory in everything we do like scripture tells us? Are there any differences between how some believers behave and how the world behaves? What should change if we are serious about our Christian walk? Although I have not seen their previous documentary, from what I could tell in the direction of this one, Beware of Christians certainly has its ups and downs.

One thing I must gripe about right off the bat, is the horseplay the guys do throughout certain parts of the movie. Yes I get you’re trying to say “hey we are Christians and we can have fun too”, but sometimes it was distracting me from concentrating on the more serious parts. Speaking of the serious parts, I felt much of what was discussed by the men was actually pretty educational and inspiring for the most part like when they talked about sex, although they never really said how to find an alternative for drinking other than slapping each other… (kinda weird) I thought it was cool they showed Johnny K Palmer, never heard of him originally, because his music actually sounds pretty sweet; I’d like to see him get more popular in the US. This definitely was targeted for College aged viewers, which is a good and bad thing considering this was a film about perspective; certain things about them I certainly couldn’t relate to. The biggest thing to stand out to me was when they had multiple people they spoke to say “the Christians I know don’t seem much different from my other friends.” Their point about how we need to be less like the world was powerful, because it wasn’t presented in a Pharisaic way but in a realistic manner and with each segment they present pieces of scripture in support. I felt they could have expanded on certain things a bit better to my liking, but all in all this isn’t a bad documentary; though I don’t get the purpose of the green apples…

Movie Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.


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