Escape: A DVD Review

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A Pure Flix film

Funny story: So I am subscribed to Pure Flix’s YouTube Channel, because I want to keep up with the titles they’re dishing out. Not too long ago, I saw a trailer for this movie: Escape. When I saw the trailer I said to myself: “This looks really cool. I’m going to place an order on in the future.” Yesterday, which was a few days after I placed the order, I wake up and decide to watch something on Netflix, and I see this movie’s already available to view. I thought this was really cool and decided to open my present early by checking it out.

Escape is a Christian thriller about an American Doctor who flies to Thailand, with his wife, to volunteer their services. Dr. Paul Jordan and his wife recently lost their daughter Maddie, which is arguably another reason why they decided to leave the US. One day, while the Jordans are preparing to open the Clinic, a boy frantically professes his need for a doctor. Paul follows the boy into an alley and gets kidnapped by human traffickers. These traffickers, who are threatening Paul at gunpoint, need a doctor to treat their captain, and Paul isn’t the only one being held captive in all this. Will Paul be able to successfully treat the trafficker’s captain? Will Paul and his cellmate successfully escape? Will Mrs. Jordan find her husband again? And will Paul ever see how desperately he needs God’s help in all this?

There aren’t a lot of Christian based movies which I would consider to be apart of the thriller sub genre, which is why I had even higher expectations for Escape prior to watching it, and I must say this film was awesome! It exceeded my expectations in what I thought was going to be possible. The acting was excellent, especially from Paul and Malcolm (who by the way played Gimil in Lord of the Rings), and the story was weaved well. I felt the inspirational themes Escape addressed were top notch theologically, and I praise God there are movies like this out there. I hope Escape inspires the production of more Christian thrillers, because I’d love to see more films like this. I’m very glad I bought this, will be sharing it with others, and I encourage you to add this to your movie collection!

Movie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.


3 thoughts on “Escape: A DVD Review

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    Pedant said:
    May 2, 2015 at 10:06 PM

    “…was woven…” (not “…was weaved…”)

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