Like Dandelion Dust: A DVD Review

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A 20th Century Fox Film

Since I’ve started sharing more Christian based films with others, I’ve also been more persistent in viewing/searching for them too; I even like talking to my local Christian bookstore about them. One day I talked to someone locally about looking for a film I could watch with my wife and Like Dandelion Dust was suggested to me. I picked up a copy and was hoping this would be really good so I could show this to my wife and others. What I was expecting to be a Christian film, however, wasn’t actually a Christian film…

Like Dandelion Dust is an intense drama about a custody battle for a 6-year-old named Joey. Joey’s biological parents want him back with them in Ohio, and out of the hands of his current adoptive parents in Florida. CPS tells the adoptive parents that the biological parents have the right to take him back, because the biological father’s signature for the adoption agreement was forged thus making the original agreement invalid. Pain, heart-break, anger, and desperation are some of the many emotions which stir within this controversial situation. Will the Campbell family, Joey’s adoptive parents, somehow manage to hang onto Joey? Or will Rip Porter and his girlfriend Wendy regain the custody they desire?

You’re probably confused on why I would say that this is not a Christian film. I’ll save much of my thoughts for my YouTube channel (warning the video WILL contain spoilers), but the primary reason why is because it does not have any Christian inspiration. The movie certainly does show a very difficult life situation, however it does not give the viewer any answer to it, through anything Christian based, despite giving the characters the opportunity to do so. Not even just that, I did a little research and have heard this is quite watered down in comparison to the book; specifically in the mentioning of God. It’s one thing if this movie was conveyed to me as being simply a family friendly alternative to a secular drama, but I protest at the idea of a film being painted as being “Christian based” when in actuality it’s not… Don’t get me wrong, the acting was great and there wasn’t any swearing, but those are the only positives I can give this movie… I do not recommend this movie, I regret my purchase, and even if this were to have been presented as a mere family friendly alternative there are better films I could recommend…

Movie Rating: 1 out of 5 stars.

P.S. For those wondering, if they would have been honest and said “This is a family friendly alternative” rather than calling it a Christian film, I probably would have given this a 3 star review.


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