Pawn’s Move: A DVD Review

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Chess is a game I’ve never played well; though I’ve certainly tried and probably will try again. Chess is one of those mind games which the person must put lots of planning and thought into each of their moves. This movie, does have chess as part of the concept, but there are more reasons why this film is called Pawn’s Move. Pawn’s Move is an independent film which addresses young life, uncertainty/indirection, homelessness, love, and generosity.

Pawn’s Move is a story about a young man named Jimmy who has a lot on his mind. Jimmy’s mentor Harvey, who is the owner of the pawn shop he works for and someone whom he would play chess with once a day, has recently died. Jimmy also learns from the local media hassling him that Harvey acquired a stamp which is said to be worth over a million dollars. And to top it all off, a frequent customer is trying to force her way into Jimmy’s life, acting as moral support but is really just a gold digger. With all of this swirling around Jimmy’s mind, he decides to get away for a time by hopping on the next bus out-of-town. Little does he know, the moment he steps on that bus that God puts a new and unique path for him and other people along the way…

I really liked Pawn’s Move. The film contained a variety of moods like romance, comedy, inspiration, even a little drama. The story was entertaining and unique, and had a very nice ending to it. I also felt the inspirational themes weren’t in your face about what they were trying to promote, but what I could see they were trying to promote was Biblical. The only down side I can give this film really, is that the acting at times wasn’t the best but I assume part of this is from the fact this is an independent film.

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.


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