Overcome: A DVD Review

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A Wisenquest film

When I first saw this on Netflix, I thought I hadn’t seen it before, but as I started watching this I’m thinking to myself: “This looks familiar.” I realized after a few minutes into the movie that I had seen this a few years back on either TBN or JCTV. Of course you’re probably wondering “So then what did you think of it?”, well I honestly didn’t remember what I had thought of the film when I first saw it so I had to watch the entire thing over again to see what I thought of everything in Overcome.

Overcome is a self-described film which is a modernized version of Saul’s conversion and transformation into the Apostle Paul. Colton is a bad boy who enjoys hanging out with the wrong crowd, encourages others to do evil through peer pressure, steals from his work and sister, and is just a downright bully to everyone around him. One day after a friend and he were getting drunk at a party, they decide to drive home when they get into an auto accident. Colton’s friend has a few scratches, but Colton is nearly killed because of their foolishness and only through his parent’s prayers God spares his life. The other driver is a girl who is aspiring to become a tennis champion, but her leg is now broken thanks to Colton’s misconduct. Colton, hearing of how he nearly died, gets the wake up call he needed and decides to turn over a new leaf. Colton regrets what he did and wants to start being a good kid, but that journey is hard and difficult; especially when he confronts his former gang.

Overcome is a movie that has a very nice concept, but the way they wrote this plotline I felt they ought to have made this into a TV series rather than a movie. I feel this would have made a much better idea for a TV Series, because of the incomplete ending the movie has as well as the concept of Colton wanting to make amends with people; could have been a Christian version of “My Name is Earl.” Since this was just a movie though, I couldn’t help but feel things turned around too quickly and ended too conveniently. The acting was ok, but could have been better at times. The inspirational themes were ok, but again they could have expanded on things better theologically; again if this were to have been made into a TV series I feel it would have been presented more effectively. After watching this, I could see why I didn’t remember everything…

Movie Rating: 2 out of 5 stars.


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