I am… Gabriel: A DVD Review

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Directed by Mike Norris

So it’s no secret, according to its own cover, that this boy is supposed to be the Angel Gabriel. The part which is supposed to fascinate you, however, is what he’s doing and how the people around him respond. That’s what I wanted to know when I saw the trailer for the movie: I am… Gabriel. This movie started making me think of how awesome The Encounter was (yes I did order The Encounter II: Paradise Lost by the way for those wondering), a movie where people confront and are confronted by Jesus Christ himself, and led to me purchasing this film online hoping for similar results.

I am… Gabriel is a story about a dying town called Promise, Texas. There’s hardly any work, the town hasn’t had rain in a while, people are getting sick physically and mentally, and are in great need of encouragement/hope. Gabriel is sent to Earth in the form of a boy purposely, and desires to make an impact for all of the residents there. Most importantly though, Gabriel wants God to be the one who is glorified throughout all of this, not himself and no one else.

I am… Gabriel has a nice cast and it also has a really great concept for a movie, and although it is a good movie it wasn’t as awesome as I thought it would be; of course then again maybe my expectations were a bit high lol. I mean there were definitely plenty of things going on in the movie, but I was expecting more people to be engaging Gabriel with suspicious confrontation besides Dean Cain’s character. I was also expecting more specific inspirational quotes than what I heard, though I did hear some pretty decent ones. Thought it was pretty neat to see a mentally handicaped person in the movie, he did a really nice job and thought it was neat they hinted that they’re more perceptive on things than some people think. Also liked the ending, thought it was cool to see Gabriel’s transformation and the town’s changes. I also like the idea of making a prayer mat, even though my first thought when seeing it was “isn’t this an islamic idea?”, it sounds neat and what Gabriel said about having a conversation was probably the most inspirational part of the movie. Though this wasn’t as great as I was expecting, it’s still a good movie.

Movie Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.


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