Alleged: A DVD Review

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Evolution is an idea which many have talked to me about, and something which I have thought about constantly; I’ve written blogs and produced videos concerning the subject… It’s no secret that I am against the teachings of Evolution, especially Eugenics, so when I discovered this film on Christian Cinema’s website my curiosity was peaked. Alleged is a movie set during the time of the Scopes Monkey Trial, an important event in history not a lot of people talk about or even acknowledge; Atheists especially don’t because of how bad it makes them look.

Alleged is a movie about a reporter named Charlie whose dream is to work for the Baltimore Sun. Charlie’s father was once reporter and founder of the Dayton Harold, his hometown’s old newspaper. Charlie learns, while he’s trying to impress the editor for the Baltimore Sun, of the hottest new trial concerning plaintiff lawyer William Bryan Jennings VS Defense lawyer Clarence Darrow. In order to impress H.L Mencken (the editor), Charlie begins to not only side with Mr. Darrow but also begins mimicking Mencken’s journalistic style of half-truths and white lies. Rose doesn’t like the transformation Charlie’s making, as well as some of his latest stories, and gives him an ultimatum… Either he writes with integrity or writes for fame. What will he choose? Why is this trial so important? And what is the result…?

Obviously since this event has a lot of information behind it and this is a historical fiction movie, it’s doubtful every single detail for this historic account was provided within the film. However, this is a great introduction for those who have never heard of the Scopes Monkey trial, let alone the evils of Eugenics; definitely recommend the documentary What Hath Darwin Wrought for more info. The acting was very good, I especially find it interesting how similar Brian Dennehy looks in comparison to the real Clarence Darrow. I also love the importance the movie gives on telling the truth, despite many mainstream journalists currently following in Mencken’s footsteps, including their study guide provided in the DVD menu. I also like that they don’t show Clarence Darrow as a complete monster, even though Eugenics is such a horrible idea of theology, in how he responds to the little girl at the end of the movie; it shows the creators didn’t want to completely demonize the man. Without a doubt an Atheist is going to LOATHE this movie with a passion, but if you’re a Christian reading this I think you’ll enjoy this movie in addition to being given an introductory education on certain facts about Evolution you might not know about…

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.


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