October Baby: A DVD Review

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A 20th Century Fox Film

Earlier this spring, I saw this at the movie theater with my brother-in-law and a friend. It was the first time I can remember that a Christian based movie would come to my hometown’s movie theater since The Passion of the Christ. I had heard very good things from another friend of mine concerning the movie, and was highly encouraged to attend; especially because of my love for Christian based titles. I was told October Baby was going to be an amazing movie full of laughter, emotion, and inspiration. After seeing this earlier in the spring, what was my verdict?

October Baby is a story about a girl named Hannah who recently learns, after collapsing on stage, she was adopted and was nearly killed after her mother tried to abort her… Hannah is shocked by this and desires to find her birth mother, so she goes on a road trip with friends. Most of her friends are going on a road trip to New Orleans since they’re just being dumb/typical college kids, but a childhood friend of Hannah’s decides he wants to help her find her birth mother along the way. Hannah’s journey proves to be one filled with action, self discovery, inspiration, pain, and even joy. Will she ever find her birth mother? What will she learn along the way? And will she forgive her adoptive parents for hiding the truth from her?

October Baby is much more than I expected. When first in that movie theater, I was originally imagining this would be a 3 star rating and there’d be good and bad things I’d pick up on. However, that was not the case with this film, because I loved this movie for various reasons and see no negative qualities for it. I loved this movie because of the authentic emotions placed within this film. It was funny, it was sad, it was breath-taking, at times even unpredictable; great script writing. I especially found it quite neat and inspirational at the same time to learn that the actress who played the birth mother cried REAL tears (actual tears not acting tears) because of her personal testimony… This is going to address some pretty controversial elements concerning the ‘great’ abortion debate, but really the way this movie is I foresee the only people who will HATE this movie are those who think: “abortion is great, and only crazy people think otherwise.” This is definitely a movie I wanted to add to my movie library once it came to DVD, and now that it is on DVD I’m glad to have it and hope to have the privilege of showing it off to others in the near future.

Movie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.


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