The Ultimate Gift: A DVD Review

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A 20th Century Fox Film

Lately, for once a month, I have a Christian movie night with some friends and associates; I hope one day it turns into something locally dominant. One of those nights I told people about another movie I liked called Smitty and an associate told me “I think you’d like ‘The Ultimate Gift’ better.” He was surprised that I hadn’t seen that movie yet, and because the trailer looked promising I decided to pick up a copy and watch The Ultimate Gift for myself.

The Ultimate Gift, a movie which was based on the book written by Jim Stovall, concerns a privileged young man named Jason. Jason and much of his relatives recently learn of the death of Howard “red” Stevens, a very-very rich man. Unlike his other relatives, Jason doesn’t really care about Red’s will reading let alone his funeral, until Red’s lawyer approaches him. The lawyer reveals to Jason that Red has a special gift, which Red himself nicknames “The Ultimate Gift”, and in order to receive this and other gifts along the way Jason must go through a court ordered journey. If Jason fails this journey, he doesn’t receive anything… What is it that Jason is supposed to receive? Is it just money like his greedy relatives believe, or is it something more?

The Ultimate Gift certainly does promote some valuable lessons and much of the gifts are indeed worth while for everyone. However, I agree with the sentiment of certain critics I’ve read online recently in that “The Ultimate Gift” should have been “The Gift of Salvation” considering I was told this was a Christian film; and written by a Christian author. I’m disappointed that the main character, though learning some valuable lessons, doesn’t show in the movie he necessarily embraced Jesus Christ as Lord; it’s possible he may have but there’s no concrete evidence he did. Unlike my outrage for Like Dandelion Dust, however, this movie does show Christians in a positive light and does actually give the viewer some sort of inspiration; not as much as I was expecting but some nevertheless. The movie itself is really good in that the acting is great and the story is overall a well written script, but I must dock a few points for the theological aspect which is important for any film which calls itself “Christian”… As Gavin Macleod’s character in the movie Time Changer once said “Satan isn’t opposed to good morals, he’s opposed to Jesus Christ.” Without Jesus in the picture, the ideas though beneficial are a form of legalism…

Movie Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.


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