Coyote County Loser: A DVD Review

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A Roebuck Media Film

I was looking at my Netflix this morning for a funny movie to watch. While looking around I saw a romantic comedy, which is a genre I have been growing to enjoy more ever since I met my wife; some are great though some are also terrible too. Then I noticed when observing the cover for this movie: Coyote County Loser that there was the Dove Approved logo. At this I couldn’t help but think to myself, “you know I don’t know if I have heard of many family friendly, romantic comedies if any at all…” So out of curiosity, I pushed play with my Nintendo Wii controller and starting watching Coyote County Loser on my Netflix.

Coyote County Loser concerns two combative personalities clashing against each other. Jack Proctor is on his way back to Los Angeles when he runs into a small town diner in Coyote County; a small town community out in the middle of the desert. While waiting for some food, Jack overhears a love radio show done by local celebrity Lauren Hartford. Jack doesn’t agree with her love advice so he calls in and ruffles her feathers. The radio station manager LOVES it, and invites Jack to be apart of K-RAP after running into him; despite Lauren’s disagreement. The two essentially compete against each other for providing the best love advice, and Lauren eventually challenges Jack to a contest where if he isn’t able to help Coyote County’s “biggest loser” he has to leave town. Through their time trying to help people little do they know when it comes to love they are in need of improvements themselves…

Coyote County Loser is hilarious. I loved this movie and I know when I show this to my wife she will love it too. This movie had great acting, the story was very good, and it wasn’t unrealistic or cheesy. Though I haven’t been married for a long time, as a married man I can say what this movie promoted theologically about love was agreeable. This is strictly a family friendly, romantic comedy though I did enjoy the fact they briefly mentioned God in a positive sense; since many romantic comedies I’ve seen don’t. (sometimes in a negative way sadly) This is a film I can tell is underappreciated, and more romantic comedies need to be like this film. I plan on adding this to my movie library and I recommend the same to you; especially if you’re a fan of romantic comedies.

Movie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.



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