A Mile in His Shoes: A DVD Review

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A Vivendi Entertainment film

Whenever the topic of sports is brought up when it comes to Faith based films, the first thought someone always has is Facing the Giants. It’s a good movie don’t get me wrong, but there has to be more than one great faith-based, sports movie… right? I mean there are plenty of sports out there like soccer, hockey, tennis, basketball, and even baseball. Baseball, oh yeah that’s right my wife and I recently watched A Mile in His Shoes. We originally watched this back in August on Netflix, because we were interested in seeing a faith-based, sports movie as well as the fact this was directed by the guy who did Angel’s in the Outfield (a movie we both liked as kids) intrigued us too.

A Mile in His Shoes concerns a failing baseball team whose coach is in desperate need of a better pitcher. The baseball team’s manager insists the coach, played by Dean Cain, finds a better pitcher or he’s fired. The coach hears of a potential prospect out in the country so he hurries out of the manager’s office, and on the drive there his truck gets stuck in a ditch. This seems like bad luck at first, until he receives some help which turns out to be a blessing in disguise. The coach while calling for a tow truck sees Mickey, a young man with Aspergers syndrome, who has an incredible arm; he notices Mickey is throwing apples at a target for his pig. After a brief conversation about baseball, Mickey joins the team. Will he adjust to these new, difficult changes and become a great pitcher? Will he be warmly welcomed and bring the positive change the team needs?

My wife and I loved A Mile in His Shoes. This had all kind of great stuff going on. There was some pretty funny moments, like when Dean Cain is trying to explain to Mickey how to do certain things. I also enjoyed what they had to say throughout the movie in their theological themes. The acting was well done and the story was very good as well. This is certainly a sports film which is worth adding to your library if you are one of those people who really liked Facing the Giants, because it is great for the whole family.

Movie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.


One thought on “A Mile in His Shoes: A DVD Review

    […] was interesting, and I also enjoyed the fact this was made from the same company who released A Mile in His Shoes and both WWJD movies; for those wondering one had John Schneider the other had John […]

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