The Mark: A DVD Review

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One night when hosting my Christian movie night, the movie Escape was voted upon; great movie by the way. While we were checking out the previews before the movie, a preview for this movie: The Mark began playing. When my moviegoers and I saw this preview we were all like “Whoa!”, and some of them even asked me to check this out and see if it was worth nominating for a future movie night. Of course besides them asking me about it, I wanted to check out The Mark because I felt the plot was very promising and I was also just thinking of the whole microchipping thing…

The Mark concerns paid mercenary: Chad Turner who has been hired to protect some medical workers. In the middle of a chaotic attack, one of the scientists injects something into Chad’s arm… When Chad comes to he learns he has a very unique microchip which has been bonded to him for life. Chad is told by one of the members of Avanti, the corporation which designed the microchip, he needs to go to Berlin to present it before the G-20 conference. While on the plane for Berlin, Chad is warned by a reporter what he has in his arm could very well be the prototype to “The Mark of the Beast”… Does what she say have some legitimacy? And why are there people who will stop at nothing to steal the chip? What fascinated me the most about this movie is the fact they based the plot off of something real; the RFID Chip… It is scary to think about for various reasons.

One reason being the part where Eric Roberts says if the terrorists try to remove it from Chad’s arm that it’ll kill Chad and destroy itself, because that is real. Of course, another reason is the fact this insidious idea could very well be the actual Mark of the Beast described in the Book of Revelation someday… In regard to this movie, I thought it was pretty good. There was plenty of action and drama. If you don’t believe in the rapture you might not like certain things being talked about in this movie, but I think for the most part it is enjoyable to watch even if you don’t. The only downsides I have with this movie is that much of the movie is shown in the preview, and I also think they could have tied in certain details better. But then again, they showed immediately at the end of the movie that they plan to make a sequel! Overall this is a good movie and I plan to share it with others.

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.


One thought on “The Mark: A DVD Review

    Ben Umnus responded:
    October 25, 2012 at 7:52 AM

    If you click one of my links, you’ll see a near 15 minute video about the RFID chip. If you’re from Wisconsin like I am, it’s important to note at the end of the video there is a section where Senatorial candidate Tommy Thompson is endorsing the RFID Chip… I’m not saying “vote for Tammy Baldwin”, because she has done/promoted some pretty bad stuff, but it’s a bit disturbing to me that Tommy Thompson is ok with this potential mark of the beast…

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