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I don’t know if anyone remembers, but yes I have a blog; in fact I almost forgot that I have a blog on Word Press too. It’s been around a year or so since I’ve written anything, and there is a part of me that wants to apologize for my absence, but there have been things which have taken my online focus so sort of sorry but not really either. I guess my main thing with this blog, as well as my radio show, and even my YouTube Channel was I was hoping to have some sort of notoriety and God said ‘no’ to that; which is fine because what is going on now is probably better anyhow. So having said all this, here’s the updated dealio for me:

No I don’t do my radio show anymore and I deleted the page for it, but I have saved the interviews I did with people. I mean it was cool I got to interview people like Ken Ham, Ray Comfort, Ben Kinchlow, and others, but deep down I was hoping to get something out of it long term which probably wasn’t very noble of me to think like that… It did help me in the long run, however, not only to be able to have the confidence to talk to people face the face better, but at the same time it helped me grow in faith in a way. It made me feel like I wasn’t the only one trying to do something, and in each of those interviews even though apart of me wanted to grow in reputation the bigger part of my personality was just to simply have a conversation with people about something semi to very important.

No I also don’t use my Facebook anymore.  *GASP* That’s probably the biggest shocker for some people. I’ve told some people about this at times ,and they’ve tried to talk me back into it like as though I’m missing out on a 98 percent off sale or something. I don’t use Facebook anymore for a couple of reasons: 1) It was tempting my mind to be in the gutter. (not going to get into the specifics unless you email me privately.) 2) I’d get upset that people weren’t checking out my other social medias which I’d link to the Facebook. 3) I’d get upset when someone would verbally barf all over something I posted which I thought was interesting or I thought was awesome. 4) I’d be tempted to stay inside more often than I should have been. 5) Too much gossip and drama. It’s bad enough I hear of the gossip and drama my wife sees on her facebook lol; is it sad that my computer is telling me to capitalize facebook? 6) I kind of believe the conspiracy theory that the government uses Facebook to data mine people. 7) Nobody would really talk to me in the way people are talking about. “Oh Ben don’t leave facebook then you won’t get to talk to your friends and relatives.” Give me a break. If people want to talk to me they know my number/email address or would message my wife on the facebook. (Yes I say the facebook and I don’t care if some people think that’s tacky.)  8) I’d get upset at certain other people’s statuses; especially if it was something urinating on something Christian. (If you didn’t know, I am a Christian. You can be an nonchristian without being a troll about it.)

I sort of still use my YouTube channel, mainly to watch videos at this point. I’d like to make videos of my own again sometime, but… My camcorder broke during the fall and I wish I could buy another one but there’s a thing called money which always seems to fly out of my wallet as soon as I get paid; bills are of the devil lol. No seriously bills are of the devil, because he’s all like to me: ” Ben you’re a bad person, because you’re having a hard time paying for everything”, but God’s taught me to respond back: “um most people don’t either, because the American Dream is a scam you orchestrated. And besides the Bible says ‘lay not up treasures on earth where moth and rust doth corrupt and where thieves break through and steal…’ and it also says ‘better is little with the fear of the Lord than great treasures and trouble therewith.”

Speaking of Bible quoting, one of the things I do when I am not working is being a volunteer Youth worker. One of my best friends is the Youth Pastor of the Church I’ve been going to for about 5 years now, and as of last spring I’ve been helping out with the teen youth group part time; I’ve even preached several times 😀 As of a couple of weeks ago, in fact, I have started a new mentorship/leadership group for 5 teen boys, which is going to be awesome because of the great start we have so far. Last fall I also joined a website called Learn Scripture which is amazing. I’m one of those persons who prior to using the site if you brought up the conversational topic of Scripture memorization I would have responded: “Yeah I can’t do that.” However, this website God has helped me in memorizing different verses and it’s been super helpful. Some of those verses I’ve used for messages, others I use to remind myself when during those tempting moments, and it also just seems to help me relax and think more clearly; maybe it helps my brain grow like that luminosity thing? Idk, but still seriously Learn Scripture is awesome.

Oh and lastly. I’m going to be a Papa! Don’t know the gender of our baby yet, but supposedly I’ll learn next month and I’m really excited. Am I worried about certain things? A little yes, but I know God will help me grow spiritually into the father figure he expects me to be, and will provide what I am unable to do on my one. So yeah that’s pretty much a summary of what’s been since I last wrote an entry to my knowledge. I hope I’ll write another entry sometime, don’t know what direction this blog will take at this point, but until we meet again.


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