Real Christianity by William Wilberforce book review

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Real Christianity. By William Wilberforce

February 27th 2016, I attended the Wisconsin State Youth Conference with my church’s youth group. When I went into their bookshop, I saw multiple books that practically wanted to leap into my arms; one of those books was William Wilberforce’s Real Christianity. Months later, when my radio show first debuted on Blog Talk Radio, (when I was doing my show) I had six different books up for nomination for my Thursday book segment, and by the roll of the dice, this book was selected as though it was meant to be. I had heard great things about Mr. Wilberforce, in particular the idea that he was crucial to the abolition of slavery in Great Britain, but admittedly I didn’t know anything else about him or anything about his book. I’ve grown to love studying up on the Christian greats of history in recent years, so I knew this book was going to be interesting.

Real Christianity is a book out to challenge the reader with a series of thought convicting, spiritual kidney punches to the gut of our ego. Mr. Wilberforce very passionately wants the reader to understand that there is a very fine difference between a Christian who is of an authentic faith versus a person of cultural Christianity. What he defines as cultural Christianity ought to serve as a stern warning as he exposes the weakness, laziness, and ignorance such a person has. What he defines as a Christian of authentic faith should serve an even greater sense of urgency, not just because of it is in comparison to cultural Christianity but what such a faith requires for us… In my opinion, this is a book every Christian ought to have on their bookshelf.

William Wilberforce’s Real Christianity is one of the best books I’ve ever read. This is the type of book where you are challenged spiritually, literally, in almost every page! Although this was written more than 200 years ago, it’s easy to read and the vocabulary isn’t too advanced, partially thanks to Bob Beltz’ adaptation of the original work. This is also a book that you’d swear Mr.Wilberforce rose from the grave, and wrote about the year 2016. What he warns in his book is a message all churches need to hear, not only to expose the fakes that may be within her, but this book also will strengthen those who truly want to live for Jesus Christ. I was humbled, convicted, shocked by things that haven’t changed 200 years later, and encouraged all at the same time throughout the reading of Mr. Wilberforce’s book. Again this is a book I feel ought to be on every Christian’s bookshelf; I highly recommend it!

5 out of 5 stars.

One thought on “Real Christianity by William Wilberforce book review

    thelittleman said:
    September 2, 2017 at 7:10 PM

    I’ll look it up! Thanks for the recommendation! It’s shocking that every generation needs to “redefine” Christianity over and over again. I think of other titles like “Basic Christianity” or “The Normal Christian Life” and am surprised how, for whatever reason, we need to be reminded by our teachers of what The Teacher so clearly taught in just 3 short years and 4 even shorter Gospels!

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